Mar 25, 2009

Well Some Good News And Some Bad News

Our mommy has shut this blog down and moved us over to our new blog From Kittens To Cats And More. Chyanne went over the bridge, God bless her. So mommy decided to move us.

We do hope you will still follow us and keep track of what we are doing. We really want to keep our friends. Thank you all for being so dedicated to us, and we hope you will still be our friends, you can follow us over there if would like to. God bless.

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Feb 4, 2009

PLEASE Urge the NFL to Test Michael Vick for a Psychopathic Brain Disorder

Our human said this dude is a sick FREAK and all is home boys are too. And she can not wait until the day this idiot meets his maker. We thank our maker he did not get a hold of us, we signed it because an inhumane person like this has to be a pyscho. Boy oh boy this freak scares us.

The USDA revelation that Vick enjoyed placing family pets in the ring with fighting pit bulls is among the factors that concern PETA, and lying outright to the NFL and on his lie-detector exam fits the American Psychiatric Association profile for serious antisocial personality disorder (APD). People with APD are commonly referred to as "psychopaths." They are usually male, often charming, prone to lying and manipulation, and incapable of genuine remorse, frequently leading to recidivism. They can also take pleasure in cruelty.

Before the NFL even considers the possibility of allowing Vick back into the league, something for which some groups and individuals are pushing for a variety of weird reasons, we think that Michael Vick needs to undergo a brain scan. It should be coupled with a structured, standardized test (e.g, the Psychopathy Checklist, developed by Robert Hare). If Vick emerges from these examinations without evidence of psychopathy, that may help him demonstrate a capacity to change what has, so far, been the life of a man who takes pleasure in hurting and killing living beings in grotesque ways when they can't defend themselves.

The repeated cruelty and violent behavior that Michael Vick engaged in for years strongly suggests that the NFL should not offer him up as a role model. Severe and repeated acts of cruelty to animals are not what football fans, particularly children, need to think about when they see a player or buy a jersey or an autographed picture.

Please click here to sign the petition calling for the NFL to arrange for a thorough examination, as set out above, of Michael Vick.

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Jan 21, 2009

We Know You May Have Read This Before, But Mommy Feels Very Strongly About This

Mommy had to go to her Doctor yesterday for her pre-surgery physical, and while mommy was waiting on the Doctor to get into the exam room she seen something that caught her eye on a table in the exam room, it was a Sports Illustrated magazine from last year about that horrible sickening Michael Vick that was the quarterback for the Falcons, or whatever the idiot did. Sicko!

Mommy started to read the article and she actually got sick to her stomach, and she began to cry. The Doctor came in and thought there was something wrong with her other then just being there for her physical, she explained to him what she was reading and he talked to mommy for a bit about such cruelty in this world and mommy told him a little bit about her blogging about such acts of violence among other articles and photos of us of course that she puts up, etc. Finally she calmed down and made it through the physical.

Years ago before mommy even had her first bean or even thought of having a bean at all, she use to work with a lady who groomed dogs and cats, whom was also a very good friend of hers. Don't tell anyone but this is how her first bean Shaila got her name. One day a St. Bernard came in for grooming and her name was Shaila and mommy told Mary Grace, "that is what I am going to name my daughter" and so she did, because after awhile working with Mary Grace, mommy got pregnant with that bean.

Anyway her and mommy were big time advocates against dog fighting in our local area, they use to go to rally's and even set up card tables and all of the Paraphernalia for the cause at all of our local stores, just about anywhere that would let them spread the word, they set up to spread the word. They even had a booth at our local mall spreading the word about dog fighting. They even got some threats and were not very well liked at all by 'of course inhumane people who were actually into this horrible act of cruelty'.

When mommy was further along in her pregnancy it started to take a toll on her and she was even more scared then normal for the bean as well as herself, since the threats continued to come as they always had. So by the time she was in the early part of her eighth month, she stopped going with Mary Grace to these rally's, etc.

But mommy has never forgotten what her and Mary Grace had done, they even had their pictures in our local newspaper standing in front of one of our Kroger stores. There were 15 rings busted at the time mommy decided to stop doing this with Mary Grace. So mommy really despises this act of cruelty and the people who get involved in it, in any way shape or form. This is disgusting to hurt any animal in any form of violence.

The article brought back allot of unpleasant memories for mommy, but knowing that some good did come out of it does help a little, but it still bothers her very much. So if you did not hear about the horrible acts this UGLY man did along with his so called home boys, weather you like what you read or not, please take a moment to read the article and spread the word, please!


There was some good that come out of the bust along with allot of bad too. But mommy wants everyone to be aware that this is still very much going on everywhere around the world, just so these idiots can make a buck, sick, sick idiots. There despicable, ugly, inhumane idiots, is what mommy said, she said you can't even call them human beings, she calls them inhumane idiots, because that is what they are.

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Jan 8, 2009

STOP Supporting IAMS, This Is Horrible!

After uncovering extensive abuse of animals at a testing laboratory for dog and cat food maker Iams, PETA contacted hundreds of companion-animal food companies to ask if they conduct laboratory tests on animals. None of these tests is necessary or required by law, and humane alternatives do exist. Non-invasive, nonlethal, and cage-free "in-home" testing is conducted by PetSci, and collaborative veterinary clinic studies allow sick animals who are volunteered by their guardians to participate in humane feeding trials that can determine the beneficial effects of nutrition on a specific illness.

Read more here

And PLEASE spread the word about this horrible injustice to these animals.

By the way I am now going to feed Skitto, Peanut and Chyanne Halo, it is an all natural cat and dog food, they even have treats and much more, and it is NOT tested on any animals for goodness sakes, AMEN!

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